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During my 25 years as a journalist I’ve worn quite a few hats, the latest that of an assistant professor at Morgan State University where I’m teaching writing and video production courses. It is my hope that I can help direct young students into the field of journalism, just as a high school teacher once directed […]

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Dirk Nowitzki (l) and Lebron James (r) are both seeking their first NBA title. 2011 NBA Finals—Who Will Win It? (2011)

By Jerry Bembry Come on, admit it: you hated the fact that the Miami Heat signed Lebron James and Chris Bosh, giving the team—along with Dwyane Wade—a Super Friends trio worth of a special edition of Marvel Comics. You hated the fact that they won 12 straight games in December, after looking completely lost in […]

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Jet Magazine: Ray Allen’s Mom Is His No. 1 Booster (2011)

She and her bedazzled ‘Mom Allen’ jersey have become Celtics mainstays By Jerry Bembry When Ray Allen was picked by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1996 draft, Flo Allen — his mother — vowed to see every game. So imagine her anxiety the night of his preseason opener when a downed satellite due to a […]

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Jet Magazine: Derrick Rose’s Rise To NBA’S MVP (2011)

By Jerry Bembry Way back in training camp, even before the Chicago Bulls had played a preseason game, a member of the Chicago media asked Derrick Rose whether he had a shot of being the league’s Most Valuable Player. “Why not,” Rose answered. “Why can’t I be the MVP of the league?” Back in October, […]

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Former NBA star talks about Grant Hill, Duke and socio-economics By Jerry Bembry Last week’s airing of ESPN’s documentary, “The Fab Five” attracted 2.7 million viewers, the biggest audience for a documentary in the network’s history. The most intense reaction to the documentary (about Michigan’s trendsetting basketball team that reached the ’92 national championship game […]

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In some instances tears are understandable, in others, not so much 2011-03-10 By Jerry Bembry I’ll never forget the first time I saw a professional athlete cry. It was August 3, 1979 and I was sitting in the right field bleachers at Yankee Stadium, the day after beloved catcher Thurman Munson died while flying his […]

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Jet Magazine: Brandon Davies—Truth And Consequences (2011)

By Jerry Bembry (This article appeared in the March 4 issue of Jet magazine.) When the Brigham Young University basketball team landed at No. 3 in the Associate Press’ college basketball rankings on Monday, it didn’t raise many eyebrows. BYU had college basketball’s best record (27-1), best player (Jimmer Fredette), and a legitimate chance to […]

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National Society of Black Engineers Bridge Magazine: All American Engineer (2010)

By Jerry Bembry As a running back for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NSBE member DeRon Brown was a top athlete in Division III. As he maneuvers through the walkways from one class building to the next, NSBE member DeRon Brown does so with a little swagger. The confident strut is well-earned: To his coaches […]

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ESPN The Magazine: Could’ve Been Worse—Tyrone Hanson’s Second Chance (2008)

What do you call a former prep star who is brutally beaten and threatened at gunpoint, only to be kicked off his big-time college team and exiled to a sleepy JuCo in Arkansas? Lucky. By Jerry Bembry Tyrone Hanson rode the red-eye sporting two extremely noticeable black eyes. Less conspicuous were the deep bruise on his […]

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